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Watkins Glen Gorge Photowalk

This past weekend Gillian and I joined A. D. Wheeler, of A. D. Wheeler Photography, for a fun and informative photowalk at Watkins Glen Gorge in Watkins Glen, NY.

About 25 people attended and many brought their tripods and ND filters as they were after the “silky” waterfall look or were shooting HDR brackets. I decided to challenge myself and just bring my 35mm prime and shoot handheld. (or maybe I was just lazy and I didn’t want to haul my tripod…) The group got a bit bunched up at some of the more interesting locations but as polite photographers we waited patiently for tourists to pass by and for each other to get their shots.

Photographers setting up at Watkins Glen Gorge

The park offers access to the gorge from both the top and bottom. You can take a shuttle ride up and hike down or park at the top, hike down, and then take a shuttle back up to your car. You can also do as we did and to walk up and back down. Here is a view after the first sets of steps.

Foot bridge over the Gorge at Watkins Glen Park

This bridge is right at the entrance at the base of the Gorge Trail

This is the waterfall that the group in the first photo is focused on. You can actually walk behind this waterfall, hence the name Cavern Cascade.

Cavern Cascade at Watkins Glen Gorge

Cavern Cascade, the walk behind falls at Watkins Glen Gorge

And I’ll share one more of my favorites from Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen Gorge

Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen Gorge

The organizer of the photowalk, A. D. Wheeler, led a fun and informative photowalk. He also put up a Facebook group for us to post all our photos to. Check it out and visit his web site!

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